Sterling Silver Bracelets

Silver bracelets have been worn by women since before the age of Cleopatra. Silver has been favored by women for thousands of years because it is soft looking, white, lustrous, and reflects beautifully. Silver bracelets are known to be seductive, often the very last objects in disrobing. 
The beautiful women of the Islands have twirled and jangled silver bracelets on their arms— as they glided to the beat of the Caribbean Sea. Thousands of miles away the Israelis and Egyptians wear them on the beaches and in the warm waters of the Mediterranean and the Red Sea. Sterling Silver Bracelets adorn the wrists of women on beaches and parks all over the world. Silver is the color, and silver jewelry is the choice that women wear during their outdoor activities.
Silver bracelets and bangles take on a personality of their own as they accentuate the slenderness of a woman’s hand and wrist.
The Klaebu Silversmiths interface with these desires while making the finest silver bracelets with delicate care and focus on shine and quality; with the ultimate goal being comfortable, wear ability, and enjoyment.