Sterling Silver Earrings

The allure of Sterling Silver Earrings have enhanced the beauty of women for centuries. The Incas of Peru, the Egyptian Princesses, the Israelis, and the Ethiopians have all adorned themselves with lovely Silver hoops dating back hundreds of years. 

Extra large hoops are fun for parties and nightlife; Spaghetti hoops w Jeans and for casual weekend wear. Huggie earrings and smaller hoops for business meetings and interviews. Dramatic drop hoops for cocktails and after work occasions. 
Greta Garbo, Princess Diana, Billie Holiday, and Audrey Hepburn are among the luminaries who have appreciated Sterling Silver adornment in various lengths, sizes, and executions. And who can forget the incredible alluring beauty of Ava Gardner wearing her drop hoops while dancing in “The Barefoot Contessa” or the slight movement for Sarah Vaughn in rhythm with a Jazz Quartet.