Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings

At just a quick glance, Silver Hoop Earrings visibly compliment the look of a woman. Small Silver Hoops give the impression of slight motion even when the wearer is sitting or standing in place. Smaller Sterling Silver circles stay rather close to the face and are perfect for business and stylish for special evening occasions. Grace Kelly, the Princess of Monaco, was the personification of class and gracefulness. She was just beautiful with her swept back hair adorned with Silver hoop earrings so close to her ear. Small silver hoops are elegant— the tube should have a presence of having some weight. The perfect small hoop is the Huggie, which is engineered with a strong hinge and a snap down clasp. Huggies are extremely comfortable and even though they are small can be put on and taken off with ease.
The Klaebu Silver Huggie earring is made in a unique Huggie workshop that has specialized for decades in the manufacture of high quality Silver earrings. The closure is strong as is the perfectly engineered hinge. The look is classic and magnificent. and of course as with all Klaebu Sterling Silver Earrings, they are made with hand polished, natural Sterling Silver. Our .925 Sterling Silver hoop earring is a classic that never goes out of style! A great choice for everyday wear to work or that special occasion, our Sterling Silver hoop earrings are all handmade in small Klaebu workshops.